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model290_big.jpgDid I tell you that I got the new piano just before I left? It is very nice 🙂 and sounds even better. Will play for you when I get back. And yes it is a Bösendorfer.


I’m on vaction in the Netherlands for the Holidays

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I am on vacation in the Netherlands for the holidays. Boy is this country different. I have taken some beautiful pics of this here country, remeber me to post the shortly. And all the women here are so thin…… I wonder if they ever eat…. And if the do, what??? I remember being in Holland in the 70’s yes I am that old.

One year of podcasting

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Wow this all went so fast…

I remember when podcasting was still a baby and Adam Curry was still castin pod from the Curry Castle in Belgium. We did not know names like Madge Weinstein the, or Ron Bloom or Kosso. And not even the man who gets far to less credit Dave Winer. If it where not for Dave there never would have been podcasting as we know it today. Yes to Adam and Ron for all there very hard work, but it was the RSS, OPML etc. that made it all possible in the first place…. 🙂

Our thoughts

December 21, 2005 at 11:02 am | Posted in Podcast | Leave a comment

Our thoughts are with Madge and Gussie.

I want You all to pray for Gussie

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